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The Application acts as an interface between you and your life's horoscope. 

The User can access and use the Services offered by the Website/Application by

1. Installing and using the Mobile Apps solely on Your own handheld mobile Device (e.g., iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone) and solely for the Permitted Purpose, and

2. The app can make call (Click to call service) by using third party service to connect customer and astrologer or for support also; and might share information like (phone, name) to third party service provider. 


Terms for customers taking services

as human life is most complex. Astrology or Palmistry attempts to analyze it from various angles. The accuracy of predictions given through Astrology depends on several factors like correct date, time and place of birth. The time of birth should be available accurately up to the minute. There is a possibility that the birth details might not have been noted correctly but the person would be under the notion that his/her birth details are accurate.
Before making any prediction, an Astrologer or Palmist must consider all the visible and invisible factors that influence a human being's mind and body. If a person is daily offering prayers to God and generous with others, the bad effects of his horoscope will be lessened. Wearing gems, doing meditation and yoga, reciting mantras, offering donations, feeding the poor etc... will have their positive impact on the events that occur in a person's life. Moreover a person's life is always dominated by the horoscope of the place and surroundings where he lives in. 

Just like any other Science, Astrology and Palmistry are ever growing and hence will have their own limitations. 
Our Aim is to provide awareness on Astrology, Palmistry, their allied subjects, Occult sciences, Spirituality and the Hindu tradition. We promise that we will keep your details entirely secret and your personal information is not revealed to any one. Even if our motto is to render a satisfactory service to you, we can't accept any liability for the accuracy of predictions and remedial measures and also for any kind of loss, damage or harm caused to any individual, group or organization in any form due to the predictions, products, services or content of this website. Also, we are not responsible for any other websites linking to our site, their content, products or services. 

We do not claim any warranty expressed or implied including any warranty as to the validity, accuracy, completeness or content of information, products or services. The author can not be prosecuted by any court of law - local, national or international. In any case, our liability is limited only to refund the fees received by us. 
The fees paid by you will be considered as paid for only 1 consultation (or case) and for 1 time only. Please do not pay excess money and do not try to utilize it several times either for the same case or for multiple cases. It is advised to pay the fees separately for every consultation. The fees will exhaust once the service is provided. 

All reports will be sent in MS Word format generally within 4 to 5 days after receiving the payment from you. Please note that the fees once paid is not refundable nor transferable. 
If you are not receiving any communication within 5 days from us, it means your mail address has some problem. Either your mail is full or it has filtered out (not receiving) the reports sent to you. This is a general problem with the mail addresses created in private mail servers of companies. For example, you may not receive our reports sent to your presently working company's mail address. In such a case, it is always better to send us an alternate mail address created in public mail servers like 'yahoo.com' or 'rediffmail.com' or 'gmail.com' etc. 
After receiving the reports from us, you can ask any doubts on the content of the reports within two weeks. After two weeks are passed, it will be treated as a fresh case. It is better to express all of your doubts at once. You can express any doubts on the content of the report but kindly avoid asking doubts on the technical details as we may sometimes deviate from the conventional methods and from that what is mentioned in the classical texts.

Uses of Services and liabilities

We accept none responsibility and guarantee if things do not go as predicted or reported. Use of any content is subject to user's own choice and own risk. We do not give or take any responsibility for any damage/loss, mental harassment, any situation arising from the content or online operating of this website. Astrology/numerology predictions reports can never provide certainties about forecast, predictions and remedies. Here is none guarantee about the accuracy of any content of this website. Some of the financial predictions and reports/contents are anticipate only, these content not based on market survey nor any advice from any market expert, so use reports/predictions at your own discretion. 

We do not harvest any data of users. We will be nothing liable to any user or any third party, for consequential or special damages arising from wrong operating or inability to operate this website or other external links. When a user clicks an external link, it means user leaves our website. In such conditions, we are not liable for user's privacy and safety. The user should read that third parties website's privacy before access/use other sites. 

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